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The Future of this Blog

The Future of This Blog

As the year 2022 came to a close, I realized that I had not written a post all year. Despite the lack of activity, I have still been solving TryHackMe machines, HTB boxes, and coding problems. Near the end of 2021 I had lost the motivation to take the time to write out my thoughts or thought process in a public manner.

As time went on, I found myself wanting to create writups again. However, recently I have come to realize thay I want to write about more than just tech. While the only “valuable” content I can currently produce in this world is technical writeups, I feel as though I want to do more.

Recently, I’ve started reading much more consistently than I have in the past year. When I originally started making any sort of content for the internet, I was in a similar state. I spent the majority of the day reading books, articles, forums, blogs, etc and decided I wanted to do the same thing as well.

Now, as we enter the new year of 2023, I want to sort of “commit” myself to writing on a consistent basis. This can include a normal technical writeup, reviews/thoughts on current events, or reviews for media (most likely modern novels). I have two goals in mind for this.

Goal #1

Goal one to improve my writing skills. I feel as though over time, I can only write in an uncreative cookie-cutter way, where you can sort of see the same formula amongst all the words I write, even though that is not my intention. I also troll when it comes to sentence structure as you can see from the sentence before this one. Over time I hope to be able to consistently write clearly and convey my thoughts in a less “troll” matter.

Goal #2

I want to produce “interent content” again. In the past, I had produced several things that other people were using or viewing. This includes technical writeups, technical tutorials on youtube, templates for coding projects, ‘finely tuned’ configuration files for popular tools, and much more. Over the last year I no longer feel like I have any kind of “impact” on the world around me and I want to change that again.

While I do say this, I also realize that the chance anyone is reading this is basically zero, and I’m kinda fine with that. If you come across this post sometime in 2023, feel free to shoot me an email at melwaninate[at]googlemail[dot]com or send me a discord message if you have my username. It’ll be cool to see if anyone does that.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0